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Here Now, 20 Tiny "EcoLofts" Above Mexico's Wine Country

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This is rather awesome: Endémico Resguardo Silvestre, a series of 20 modernist hotel rooms, of sorts, each 215 square feet, perched above the Valle de Guadalupe wine region in Mexico. Designed by architect Jorge Garcia and completed last year, the so-called "EcoLofts" are part of a 99-hectare development that also includes a winery and housing. Composed of a steel frame (a plentiful material in the region) and wood, each room hovers above the ground without touching it—part of the architect's vision of keeping the landscape undisturbed. (Minus—as one anonymous Curbed commenter points out—the steel supports and the poured concrete entry deck.) Below, find another photo.

· Endemico Resguardo Silvestre / graciastudio [Arch Daily via Crib Candy]