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Preserving Jazz Legend John Coltrane's Long Island Home

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Giant of jazz John Coltrane spent the last years of his life in this simple Long Island home, including the seminal moment when he wrote perhaps his greatest masterpiece, "A Love Supreme." Fifty years later, the house is still standing, if in dilapidated condition, thanks to the efforts of preservationists like Steve Fulgoni. The Coltrane fan staved off a development that would have knocked the place down and has kept the interiors exactly as they were left following Coltrane's death, from liver cancer, at age 40. The BBC came to profile the property, and left with interviews with Fulgoni and Coltrane's son Ravi, who remembers his parents building a recording studio in the basement. The ranch house has recently been placed on the National Trust's list of Most Endangered homes, so check out the video while the place is still standing.

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