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Is Condé Nast Brewing Up Another Iteration of Domino?

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A number of reliable sources have told Curbed that Domino Magazine, the dear-departed shelter magazine that was produced by Condé Nast from 2005 to 2009 and made the homes of people like JCrew's Jenna Lyons really, really famous, is being cooked up in some new form. Details are spotty at this point—the project has been kept under lock and key—but rumor is that whatever it is will be helmed by former Apartment Therapy staffer Mat Sanders, who declined to comment. Meanwhile, one Condé spokesperson explains that while it's possible the media empire would release special issues of its "legacy brands" under certain circumstances, she's heard no official word of a full-on relaunch. Another declined to comment after asking around internally.
The short of it: something interesting's brewing in the hallowed hallways of 4 Times Square. It's highly doubtful that this has anything to do with the Lonny situation—but it could definitely be the secret workings of the long-anticipated Lucky Home, which was mentioned in the Times a year ago and not given a breath of airtime since. Or, perhaps some sort of digital-only product like an online magazine or iPad edition. An e-commerce site? Stay tuned as we gather more intel on this potentially epic shelter-industry bomb.
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