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Five Priceless Ski Chalets from Europe's Towering Alps

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Thanks to its popularity as a vacation destination for the winter revelers of a prior generation, the Swiss mountain town of St. Mortiz will forever carry a reputation as a luxury idyll in the Alps. Thus, it's not surprising that the real estate there can afford to be listed as "price upon request," because so few people could afford it. This particular villa, known as Chesa Albertini, has been in the aristocratic Albertini family for more than 350 years. Located on a mountain stream less than ten miles from St. Mortiz proper, the house displays the remnants of 350 years worth of architectural fads and follies, but emerges all the more charming for it. The price might be concealed, but the impressive stats are not—nine bedrooms and six baths in over 10,000 square feet, all set on 247 acres of mountain paradise—which all point to an astonishingly expensive price tag.

? Home to one of the world's most treacherous downhill ski race courses, Austria's Kitzbühel also plays host to some stereotypical Tyrolian architecture. This classically-styled country house features six bedrooms, four bathrooms, stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and a heady $5M price tag. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, the 1959 built looks a little worn out on the inside, but a garage and mountain landscaping help to make up for the necessary refit.

? Located in the heart of France's famous "Trois Vallées," the world's largest contiguous ski area, this mountain chalet also suffers from downright disappointing interiors. Listed for somewhere between $2.5M and $5M, the place enjoys a near-perfect hillside location, that is regularly buried in powder, but, as the listing photos reveal, the current owners might not be taking great care of the place. There's no arguing with the down canyon views, which frame views of distant mountains.

? Among Swiss resorts, Verbier has a reputation as one of the largest and most challenging, yet lies only two hours drive from Geneva. This substantial vacation home, nestled in a similar stand of such homes on the hillside, is a massive mansion that will challenge even the largest wallet. Measuring 30,225 square feet, the Chalet L Raphael boasts nine bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. It's assuredly as expensive as it is expansive, though the price is hidden from those for whom money is an object.

? If the others on this list rely on tired architectural formulas, this luxe duplex in Megeve, France certainly breaks from the pack, but falters on the details. With entertainment spaces nestled into the attic, the place has towering ceilings, with exposed wood framing, but goes for a lighter aesthetic than its older brethren. The kitchen, however, looks largely useless—more for drinking wine than doing any cooking—and, it should be noted, none of this has actually been built. The pictures are merely renderings of a planned apartment, so the fact that the (necessarily sky-high) price is only available upon request makes this the ultimate dream space.

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