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Prince William and Kate's Ultra-Luxe Caribbean Hideaway

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The March 2007 article in Architectural Digest that featured this sprawling Caribbean villa opened with a memorable, and most appropriate, line: "What sort of wedding present do you give a princess?" That query referred to Colin Tenant's gift of property on the exclusive island of Mustique to Princess Margaret, but the question arose again now that the Duchess of Cambridge—the former Kate Middleton—and her husband Prince William are shacking up in the very same villa for a winter holiday. Dubbed the "Aurora Villa," the five-bedroom colonial spread typically rents for $23,000 per week, but seeing as it's owned by a family friend, British hedge funder Mark Cecil, it might not be costing the royal couple a pence. The same can't be said for the island's other guests, who have been prohibited from using Mustique's iconic modified golf carts, for fear that they might try to sneak a peek at the royals.
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