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The Most Expensive Properties in Ski-Chic Aspen, Colorado

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In films ranging from Aspen Extreme to Dumb and Dumber, Aspen, Colo. is the holy grail of American ski destinations, combining the Rockies' world-class skiing with the glamour of Beverly Hills or Fifth Avenue. Judging by the real estate prices, the silver screen portrayal isn't far off. Take this 80-acre estate, crowned by a 24,000-square-foot mansion and asking $48.5M. Dubbed the Jigsaw Ranch, the property is being offered for the first time in 37 years, though one of the residences was built much more recently, in 2010. Between the two main houses and various outbuildings, the property boasts 12 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, a river running through the acreage, and stunning views of Aspen from the new build. This is currently the single most expensive offering on the Aspen market, but there are plenty close to vying for the top spot.

? Despite a lot that's 75 acres smaller than the first place, this one is just $10M cheaper, coming in at $39.9M. Known as Elk Crossing, the 18,000-square-foot mansion is focused on creature comforts over acreage, with details like a commercial grade kitchen with dual fridges, a library with a 71-inch television, a solar electric system, and a 60-foot infinity pool. The furnishings and antiques shown in the listing photos can be included in the sale, provided the buyer is willing to pony up $3M for all that kit. That's enough to buy a damn nice ski house just about anywhere else.

? Other hyper-expensive properties in town are severely lacking in features, but make up for their shortcomings with huge acreages. This 838-acre ranch, located 20 minutes from downtown Aspen, was heaved onto the market this year with the jaw-dropping price tag of $38M. Owned by the Craig family, the place has been operated agriculturally according to antiquated farming methods, ensuring the land has remained largely unchanged since it was first homesteaded back in the 1800s.

? Shoehorned onto just two acres, albiet with views of 300 acres of protected pastureland, this Tuscan-inspired estate has been featured on VH1's "Celebrity Real Estate Splurges" and would sure be a splurge at $29.9M. The mansion gets points for breaking from the log home stereotype, but we can't say that the Tuscan look really blends in well around here until summer. The seven-bed, nine-bath manse measures 16,000 square feet along with 5,000 square feet of patios.

? Finally, at $25M, an Aspen mega-manse that might, in some billionaire circles, be called a deal. Located in John Denver's neighborhood of Starwood, the 15,800-square-foot estate home features six bedrooms and six baths on a little more than four acres. With awe-inspiring views of Aspen Mountain and the surround valley, plus enormous entertaining spaces, and a rock-strewn heated swimming pool, this one certainly stacks up nicely against its (even more) expensive competition.

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