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No One Loves Minimalism Like PS1 Curator Klaus Biesenbach

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Back in 2009, when W magazine paid a visit to his Lower East Side apartment, Klaus Biesenbach had very little in the way of furniture. The contemporary art expert, who is currently serving as curator of MoMA's PS1 outpost in Queens, had just a bed, six dining chairs, and an outdoor mattress on the terrace. Now, Biesenbach has opened up to the New York Times about his absurd dedication to minimalism, stating blankly "I hate design" and admitting that a visiting friend had since transformed his apartment. The friend, an artist whose studio roof had collapsed from rain, brought in a dining table and sofa, and painted the entire apartment in white house paint. He might have been expected to be outraged, after all, with that paint on everything the DVD player and espresso machine were rendered useless, but it's the cushy sofa that most upsets Biesenbach, who has yet to sit on it and is considering throwing it away. He's almost fine with it though: "It’s white, so you don’t really see it, like an ice bear in a snow landscape."
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