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A Tennessee Lake House with Houseboat, Helipad, and More

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Located on a private, gated peninsula jutting into Tennessee's serpentine Center Hill Lake, this $5M compound is described in the brokerbabble as "Hampton's Style." While we'd normally take that to mean a shingled gambrel monstrosity—or the personal taste of someone named Hampton—here it means just about the most decked out summer party palace in the South. Owing to the fact that it's an hour and a half outside Nashville, the mansion has a private helipad tucked away on the roof of the garage for easy access. Inside the main house, there are five bedrooms; the guest house has four more. There's a one-bed cabin and a floating party pad in the form of a two-story houseboat. All of this is located on 3.5 acres of forested hillside with access to all the recreational diversions on the lake, like boating and jet-skiing. If that's not quite enough, yet another site on the property has been approved for an additional structure.
· 6500 Coconut Ridge Road [FCP&A]