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Getaways on the Oft-Overlooked Caribbean Island of Dominica

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One of the Caribbean's unspoiled paradises, Dominica has remained untrampled by tourists partly thanks to the lack of many large resort hotels and the fact that, unlike most Caribbean isles, this particular volcanic rock has a dearth of beaches. It's a good thing then, that the tiny eco-resort at Secret Bay is set on the plunging hillsides above one of the island's most spectacular sandy stretches. Zabuco (above), one of the resort's villas, is a one-bed, one-bath cottage nestled in the lush jungle, with its own infinity pool and breathtaking views of the sea below. Designed by Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas, the villa rents for $625 per night. Click through for more vacation villa offerings, including a couple more at Secret Bay.

? Utilizing a more vertical form than its neighbor, Ti-fey bungalow has the feeling of a treehouse. A very well maintained, properly constructed treehouse with luxury features and tall walls of glass. Built from "sustainable Guyanese greenheart timber," like the other structures at Secret Bay, the one-bedroom cottage peeks at the water through a dense stand of foliage and rents for $265 per night.

? Deep in the jungle at Secret Bay, the Zing-Zing villa offers 2,500 square feet of luxury along with two bedrooms and two baths, making it the largest of the resort's rental properties. The sprawling villa boasts sliding doors that open just about every room to the jungle, creating an inviting indoor outdoor space, available for $454 per night.

? For more space, visitors will have to venture away from Secret Bay and its nearly private beach to one of the island's more traditional villas. This one, the Villa Oleander is a four-bed residence with extensive entertaining space and hilltop views, but no private swimming pool. It rents for $450 per night.

? For something more offbeat than the white stucco of Villa Oleander, the multi-colored Harmony Villa can be had for anywhere from $250 to $550 per night, depending on the number of bedrooms used. That's not a bad deal considering the unique island decor and the broad porches with up close views of the dense jungle. Measuring 3,500 square feet, there's plenty of space for eight people to stretch out in the four bedrooms.

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