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Strike! Five Private Residences With Indoor Bowling Alleys

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As far as crazy-ridiculous amenities in residential real estate go, the bowling alley is about the cream of the crop. Although the sport was once considered the extra-curricular activity of the common man, today there's nothing remotely common about the homes or the neighborhoods where indoor bowling alleys reside. Take this five-bedroom, seven-bathroom property in Hindale, Ill. "Fashioned in the spirit of euro opulence, yet tailored for today"—or so declares the brokerbabble—the 14-room house is asking $5.1M. And to think it only comes with one lane!

? In NYC, a massive Tribeca triplex also boasts the extravagant extra, and was, until August, asking $14,000 a month. The lucky soul who signed the lease no doubt enjoyed the unseasonably warm holidays from the comforts of the apartment's private terrace.

? Of course, $14,000/month seems like peanuts compared to what this Beverly Hills spread is asking: $100K/month. The 10,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom mansion is described as having "interiors by Ralph Lauren emulating a Connecticut/Hamptons estate." This one's a two-lane "vintage-inspired" bowling alley.

? Completed in 1932, this home, set on five acres in Philadelphia, has a bar and a bowling alley that may have both served as terrific diversions during the last days of Prohibition. The historic 11,000-square-foot stone manor, which also includes a great room paneled in wood from a 1650 hunting lodge of England's King James II—is listed for $4.75M.

? Across the pond and about 20 minutes from the center of Moscow sits this 16,000-square-foot home, which counts an indoor pool, private disco, billiards room, and meticulously cared-for bowling alley among its many luxuries. Ask? A staggering $24M.

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