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Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan; Top Turnaround Towns

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JAPAN—Lovers of Frank Lloyd Wright are invited to tour the architect's influences and work in Japan; the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust is hosting 12-day guided tours for $6,495 not including airfare. [WSJ]

WORLDWIDE—New building trend: plans and materials to construct a 680-square-foot backyard structure for aging parents. (Or, "stashing granny in a shed," as HuffPo says.) The kit costs $17; with permits and, perhaps, a construction crew the total cost reaches $60K. [HuffPo via AOL Real Estate]

MIAMI— has just released a sneak peek of its list of turnaround towns for Q4, and Miami tops the list. Sales of single-family home there jumped more than 50 percent over last year, and median age of housing inventory is down, too. []