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Please Meet the World's Most Unbelievable Star Trek Home

Sad news for Trekkies everywhere: a brilliant Star Trek—themed one-bedroom apartment in the U.K. will soon fall victim to marital discord. Ultimate enthusiast Tony Alleyne decked out the 500-square-foot space with $150K worth of trappings in order to recreate the transporter chamber and control console aboard U.S.S. Voyager (complete with an aptly themed galley kitchen and bathroom), only to now have to give it up in his divorce proceedings (his soon-to-be-ex wife, who's a co-owner, wants to sell it). "There may be a second option," Alleyne insists in an CNBC interview. "She wants to dismantle the place in August or September, but there’s an option to maybe buy her out.” It should be noted that Alleyne, who has seen Star Trek at least 50 times, is the founder and owner of 24th Century Interior Design, a firm that combines his two loves: sci-fi and, apparently, decor.

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