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NFL Stars Hope for Hail Mary Sale with Over-The-Top Digs

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Known best for their domination on the field, the following NFL stars also attempted to master the world of real estate, building elaborate personal palaces that match their stardom. Then, of course, as the contracts and salaries run dry—or they leave to build another luxurious spread—the opulent houses are tossed onto the market with some jaw-dropping price tags. This one, the extravagant Texas home of former NFL cornerback and current NFL commentator Deion Sanders, sits on 109 acres and includes a private football field and a lake. Sanders first listed it for $21M in 2009, but pulled it off the market following some extreme water damage in the media room last February. Perhaps he's fixing it up, or maybe he's just waiting for the photos of the carnage to work their way down his Twitter feed.

? Not to be outdone by his younger brethren, legendary Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has listed Texas's most expensive house, a $24M mansion in Dallas that measures 10,500 square feet and includes five bedrooms, eight total bathrooms, a swimming pool, and tennis court. Rumor has it he's got his sights set on a smaller house next door.

? Another Cowboy, this one the currently active, highest-paid-ever DeMarcus Ware, lives in a much more modestly priced house near Dallas in Coreyville, Texas. Then again, he might be looking to trade up soon, as he's got the decked-out 9,300-square-foot mansion listed for $2.2M. It'll be hard to top these amenities though: "seven fireplaces, a trophy-stocked billiards room, and a wine porch, not to mention a dedicated turf practice area, a putting green, a pool/spa, pavilion, and a trampoline on the grounds."

? Out in Calistoga, Calif., near the city that gained him so much fame, iconic San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana has built an absurdly over-the-top estate for himself and his family. Set on 500 acres of Napa Valley, the 9,700-square-foot main house with "full equestrian facilities, a skeet shooting station, an olive farm, a swimming pool and spa, a private pond, a basketball court, and a bocce ball court" was previously listed for $49M, but was recently chopped down to a much more reasonable $35M.

? New England Patriots QB Tom Brady might not yet be retired, but he's certainly planning ahead for cushy twilight years. He and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen—who reportedly pulls down more moolah each year than he does—decided to build a $20M megamanse in the hills of Los Angeles, despite making no public plans to leave New England any time soon. To help pay for the SoCal boondoggle Brady and Bundchen have their three-bed Boston duplex penthouse up for sale for the locally-almost-unheard-of price of $10.5M. The listing is lacking in interior photos, but at this price point, who needs 'em.

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