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A Pitch-Perfect Piano Nobile Flat on Venice's Grand Canal

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Set on the piano nobile of the Palazzo Calbo Crotta, a palatial house on Venice's Grand Canal, this three-bedroom, three-bath fairytale apartment was restored by the current owners, a British couple who are selling to pursue their dream of a farmhouse in Tuscany. When the pair purchased the apartment, it was still undergoing a radical restoration, with conservators working through layers of black grime in the magnificent dining room, with "no electricity or water" and "doors and windows were rotten." Undeterred, the couple signed a contract to purchase the palatial flat, which includes frescos dating from the 1760s that depict the Dido and Aneas allegory, believed to have been painted by Giustino Menescardi. While most of the apartment, including the gorgeous grand salone, were restored to their period grandeur, the kitchen and bathrooms were updated to modern standards, with Phillipe Stark fixtures and sleek modern cabinetry. The price, as one might imagine, is only available on request, but chances are this is one of the most expensive properties currently on the market in Venice.