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Five Indoor Swimming Pools to Stave Off the Northern Winters

Now that the cold temps have finally hit the Northern U.S., we've hunted down some indoor swimming pools that keep the summer going deep into winter. This one, in Stratham, N.H., is just 10 miles from New Hampshire's Atlantic beaches, but the inspiration for the indoor pool came from much further Polynesia. The lagoon-like pool features a waterfall, rock walls festooned with plants, and bamboo ceiling. It's a pity this paradise is tucked beneath a "contemporary" home built in 1989, one that looks more like a condo complex. At least the four-bedroom manse enjoys 300-feet of river frontage and a ten-car garage for the $1.8M price.

? One of the craziest deals we've seen in a long while, this Hailey, Idaho mansion measures 12,000 square feet, includes six beds and seven baths, and features this stunning swimming pavilion, yet it's listed for just $1.6M. This ultimate short sale—the brokerbabble claims $7M was spent assembling this estate—lies a twenty minute drive from the Sun Valley ski resort.

? This waterfront home in Medina, Wash. might not measure up to some mega-mansion neighbors, after all billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both live nearby. The 9,500-square-foot, six-bedroom spread is nothing to sneeze at though. For one, it's listed for almost $10M and features that all important indoor lap pool in the basement.

? Greenwich, Conn. has been drawing the super-rich for ages, so it's no surprise that even a home built here in the '40s would feature an indoor swimming pool. The rest of the house is mighty impressive, with a stately brick facade, elegant landscaping, and almost six-acres of elbow room. It comes with a price to match: $14.5M.

? Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Benton Harbor, Mich. will probably see more than a few blustery, bitterly cold days this winter, but the owner of this $5.75M lakefront mansion can wait out the storm in the comfort of a heated indoor swimming pool, all while watching the snow fall through an adjacent wall of glass doors.

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