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Iowa's Most Expensive Property Presides Over a Town of 200

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Whether you believe Mitt Romney's hairline win over Rick Santorum at the Iowa caucus last night falls in the category of all-important or not important at all, Iowa is Wednesday's topic du jour. Alas, here now is the most expensive property in the state: a stone-and-log home on 183 acres in the tiny Eastern Iowa town of Sherrill. Described in the brokerabbable as a dwelling that "would be right at home in Aspen or Jackson Hole," the 14,900-square-footer, built in 2008, has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, "handcrafted light fixtures throughout by Montana artist," a screened porch with an Italian pizza oven, a spa with a gym, steam room and sauna, a newly refurbished barn, a creek with a waterfall, and a dock fronting the Mississippi River. The place is asking $5.9M—many millions more than the most expensive listed home in Iowa's largest city, Des Moines.

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