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Cloud of Hope for City Wracked by Drug-Related Violence

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If the Colombian city of Medellín is known for anything, it's for being the former stomping grounds of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and a major source of cocaine. Recently, however, the city, the second largest in Colombia, has managed to drag itself from the brink of destruction, thanks in part to the passing of Mr. Escobar, but also to the determination of public officials. One new project aimed at beautifying the city while providing a practical service is the The Cubierta Cazucá by Mazzanti Arquitectos. The mass of green cells shelters the soccer field below and, thanks to lights embedded on the underside, illuminates the playing surface at night. Best of all, the canopy, which Architizer fittingly dubbed the "cloud of hope," provides an uplifting jolt of color to an otherwise grey and beige section of the city.
· Activating Public Space: The Cubierta Cazuca [Architizer]