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Five Historic Homes Perfect for N.H. Primary Contenders

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The New Hampshire Primary is just around the corner, but presidential contenders could still get a last-minute boost by picking up a pied-a-terre in the Granite State. Provided the citizenry doesn't object to million-dollar purchases, one of these five historic estates in the state should do just fine. The first one, Northville Farm, has a decidedly modest name, perfect for mentioning on Main Street, but all the luxury a career politician might come to expect—hey, that Capitol Building is no shanty. Built into its current form in 1827 by Austin Corbin, a banker who developed Coney Island and posthumously established the 25,000-acre Corbin Park hunting preserve, the grand main house presides over more than 500-acres of rolling countryside in Newport, N.H. Reached by covered bridge over the Sugar River, this $3.75M estate does have a bit of bad luck attached: Corbin and his coachman were both killed in an accident on the property back in 1896. On the occasion of Corbin's death, the New York Times called this property the "greatest and best-stocked game preserve on the continent."

? Not far from the artist colony at Peterborough, this Wilton, N.H. craftsman-style mansion is available for a fraction of the price of Northville Farm, but lacks the massive acreage. Listed for $869K, this classic country home boasts views of the surrounding fields and of nearby Temple Mountain, a "custom party studio"—best for victory parties—and a swimming pool. The interiors could use some sprucing up, but retain the historic details, except in the renovated kitchen.

? Combining some country acreage with authentic history, the 83.5-acre Little Brook Farm in Jaffrey, N.H. is centered around a house that was built in 1775. As if the obvious history of the place weren't apparent enough, the current owners have stocked the original kitchen fireplace with an old-timey wood painting and a musket. Measuring almost 5,000 square feet, the main house is joined by a pair of barns, a work shop, and a maple syrup sugar house in this $1.1M offering.

? It sounds more like a cut of beef than a personal campaign headquarters, but the Porter House in Walpole, N.H. is both historically charming and easy to care for, with just one acre of land. Plus the place has received some national recognition, having been named to the American Building Survey of Historic Houses. Measuring 4,300-square-feet, the 12-room manse is asking $599K.

? Perhaps the least glamorous of the Granite State homes on our list, and that may be a quality high on the list for a candidate wanting to appear blue collar, this lakefront spread is a whole lot more expensive than it looks. Listed for $3M, the four-bedroom cottage in New London, N.H. has been in the same family for 80 years. It doesn't quite hold a candle to Mitt Romney's New Hampshire lakefront mansion though. Oh yes, that's right, the Republican frontrunner already owns a home in New Hampshire.

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