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Celeb Battle Brewing Over Pending Bart Prince Teardown

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The City Planning Commission in Malibu, Calif. has seen plenty celebrity sightings in its day, but the latest battle has rounded up a litany of stars to oppose the tear down of a seven-year-old design by Bart Prince, the off-beat architect listed on the AD100. The New York-based hedge fund manager who owns the property is planning on demolishing the existing structure to make way for a far more conventional Mediterranean-inspired mansion. That has neighbors, whose views would be obstructed, up in arms, and in this neighborhood that means plenty of cash to pay for lawyers. Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been actively opposing the granting of variances necessary for the new build, along with bandmates Anthony Kiedis and Flea. Now actors Sean Penn and Don Rickles have joined the fight. So far the commission has made no official decision on the issue. Check out the gallery above for photos of the ruckus-inducing design.
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