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Ten of the Wildest Moments in Martha Stewart Show History

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Citing low ratings, earlier this week the Hallmark Channel announced that it would cease production of The Martha Stewart Show, which had been airing exclusively on that network since 2010 after it was dropped from syndication. While the world anxiously awaits the show's inevitably epic wrap-up episode, set to arrive in glorious Oprah-style fashion in spring, this seems like a decent time to revisit some of the decorating/domestic diva/doyenne's most outrageous moments. From singing high praises for pot and brownies with Jimmy Fallon, to pole dancing classes, to what has become her signature phallic references and double entendres, below please find 10 of the best clips—bloopers included—from the past six years of Martha.

1. The one where Snoop adds a special ingredient:

2. The one where Martha tries her hand at an alternate career:

3. The one where Martha and Jimmy Fallon talk brownies and pot, but not quite pot brownies:

4. The one where size matters — meatballs:

(via Eater National)

5. The one where size matters — hot dogs:

6. The one with Martha's poor understanding of birth control:

7. The one with the pumpkin helmet mishap:

8. The one where Robin Williams goes off-color:

9. The one where the piñata just won't budge:

10. The one where Martha fires a writer on-air:

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