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Bomb-Proof Space Station That Received Images From Moon

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Known as the Jamesburg Earth Station, this now-antiquated communications station received the first images from the moon in 1969. Today, the nuclear bomb-proof space station, which has lain disused for almost 10 years, is listed for $2.95M. That's right, this Cold War-era building was designed to withstand a five-megaton nuclear blast, plus it can transmit data worldwide, provided the buyer has a satellite already in orbit. For more terrestrial uses, the complex consists of 103 acres, the 11-story dish itself, the adjacent bomb-proof building, a good old-fashioned barn, a helicopter landing pad, a three-bedroom house, and even a basketball court. Located 25 miles from Carmel by the Sea, this piece of space lore looks more likely to sell to a space history buff than anyone with a commercial interest in the antenna.
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