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Tour One Woman's Tiny Self-Made Shipping Container Home

Prolific modernist-leaning architecture firms aren't the only ones fashioning fancy residences out of corrugated-steel shipping containers: the latest Fair Companies videos depicts a California woman who created one for herself. Wanting to live cheaply, she took a shipping container that had previously been used to cart goods to and from China and turned it into a multifunctional 160-square-foot space, complete with a kitchen, living room, sleeping area, and even a play room for her daughter. "Basically I moved in there with like $4,000, I mean basically it was like the two-by-fours, insulation, the dry wall, the little bit of plumbing that I did on it, like the sink," she says. "And I was in that house after a month. This is it. There's not much more." Amazingly, the only construction experience she had going into the project was remodeling a boat. And then she jokes: "I think I'm slightly claustrophobic." Watch the full video below.

The Video:

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