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Tuxedo Park "Children's House" Hid Kids From Nazi Raids

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Location: Tuxedo Park, N.Y.
Price: $7,500,000
The Skinny: With 10 bedrooms, eight baths, seven fireplaces, and a 72-acre yard, this Gothic Revival mansion in Tuxedo Park hardly looks like it should be called The Children's House. The name is derived from the gallant role it played during World War II, when 18 British children were housed here to escape the Nazi aerial bombardment of London. Apparently that band of youngsters had no ill effects on the house's stunning architectural details, most of which look as new today as when architects Walker & Gillette designed this stucco pile in 1922. To complete the stateside "Secret Garden" feel, the main house is accompanied by a landscape crafted by none other than the firm of Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of NYC's Central Park. Located in close proximity to the Tuxedo Park School, this would be a fitting family home.
· 91 Camp Comfort Road [Halstead]