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Rent the Palais des Anges in Beverly Hills for $220K a Month

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Sick of turning up no buyers at its $55M sale price, the 36,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion known as the Palais des Anges has now hit the rental market at an equally astounding $220K per month. Equipped with nine bedrooms, 13 baths, two acres on Sunset Boulevard, a hand-carved limestone facade, towering columns, and gold-plated door handles and fixtures, this is not a typical home by any measure. Outside, there's a tournament-quality tennis court, an elegant Hearst Castle-esque swimming pool, and neatly manicured grounds. And don't forget that extra special feature for the billionaire, wealthy widow, or spoiled daughter who ends up inhabiting this place: it's one of the most expensive rentals on the market...anywhere.
· 9577 Sunset [ via Homes of the Rich]