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Behold: a Marshmallowy House Covered Fully in Styrofoam

On the grounds of the Synagogue de Delme, a contemporary art center in Northern France, is this odd, melty building conceptualized by French artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus. Supposedly its coat of Styrofoam, resin, and white paint gives the house a phantasmic appearance, but it looks more like it was inspired by marshmallow fluff or denture paste, or maybe even a manatee. The Gue(ho)st House—a name taken from a phrase by French surrealist Marcel Duchamp's "A guest + a host = a ghost"—is a reception and studio space created to mark the art center's 20th anniversary. It's not the first time something Michelin-man-inspired has caused a stir, but here's hoping it's one of the last. Oh, and if anybody's wondering if the house goes with the rest of the gallery's feel, it doesn't. Though the gallery houses all sorts of weird installations, the exterior remains a staunchly traditional synagogue.

· Gue(ho)st House by Berdaguer & Péjus [Dezeen via Gizmodo]