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Watch a Music Video From AD100 Designer Nicky Haslam

While Justin Timberlake, Vanilla Ice, and Lenny Kravitz have all dabbled in decorating and home decor, far rarer are the interior designers who dabble in the music biz. That said, successfully hamming it up at a cabaret club for Kate Moss and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would give anyone the fuel to contemplate a singing career, and that's exactly what happened to the witty, ultra-glam designer and British society icon Nicky Haslam. Haslam, also a columnist for the London Evening Standard, a blogger for The Telegraph, and a watercolorist—who owns a jaw-dropping English country house and who may or may not have had an affair with the late American architect Philip Johnson—has just released a moody music video for his debut album in which he covers the 1986 Motels hit "Total Control." "It's not just pop songs," he told Arch Digest. "It's a weird audio journey" that's "a mad mix of toff and posh." Midnight Matinée consists of eight songs (including "spoken-word performances by Rupert Everett and Tracey Emin" and a collaboration with Brit rocker Bryan Ferry, one of Haslam's clients), will be released next month; meanwhile, watch the video below.

The Video:

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