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50 Exquisite Furnishings Crafted From Oddball Materials

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If there's something the design world goes gaga over, it's familiar furnishings—or buildings, for that matter—begot from unexpected materials. As Gizmodo noticed earlier this week, every edgy furniture designer wants to create a piece that is staggering and unforeseen. Sometimes the results are rather frightening—like the chair that resembled a hungover Michelin Man, for example—but sometimes the collision of contemporary furnishings and things like ballpoint pens or even glass shards is dazzling, if oft a touch impractical. For example, this seating above is made from the sawdust and wood shavings left over after processing raw timber. Designers James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel created these crusty, candy-colored chairs by combining the wood waste with bio-resin, a combination that froths, inflates, and hardens to become a material that's five times its original volume, Shaw says. That's one case-study; flip through the gallery above for more.

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