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Here Now, a $100K Chicken Coop Inspired by Versailles

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The Palace of Versailles has inspired many things, from out-of-place homes in Virginia suburbs to ill-fated mansions in Wales to 90,000-square-foot Floridian monsters that just can't sell to even, yes, train interiors in France. But the Neiman Marcus latest Christmas Book (in years past, land of the swanky yurt and in-home Chihuly installations) may offer the strangest interpretation of the estate yet: a chicken coop inspired by Le Petit Trianon, a smaller building on the palace's grounds.

Other than those sorta-columns, "Beau Coop" looks nothing like the Neoclassical Le Petit Trianon, which, with a square plan and eye-pleasing proportions, is considered one of the most geometrically perfect buildings in France. Still, Neiman Marcus is going for it, charging a whopping $100K for a package includes a few hens from a farm in Florida, a farm consultation, and "a multilevel dwelling" that includes a library, living room, nesting area, and an "elegant chandelier"—a design detail that's fast becoming a requisite for chic hen houses. Check out the interiors below.

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