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Futuristic Tiny Home Crams a House in a One-Bedroom Flat

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British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe is betting that homes of the future look like ultra-swank pop-up books. Last month at the London Design Festival, the Yotel hotels and Yo! Sushi founder unveiled the prototype for his Yo! Home, an 860-square-foot wonder in which nearly every surface—walls, beds, floors, tables—can fade away at a push of a button. Outfitted with stage-scenery mechanics, the master bedroom can hover above the sunken living room, guest space rolls out from the desk, and the dining table springs up from the floor. The entire setup has a nightclub-like feel, an oontz-oontzy vibe, similar in many ways to NYC's "Apartment of the Future" but lightyears away from feel of the microdwellings that have been cropping up in the suburbs. Despite differences in aesthetic, all of these homeowners make it clear that they believe tiny living is the next residential frontier. Woodroffe even tells Britain's Channel 4 News that "hundreds of years from now people will look back and say, 'Do you remember when people used to have one space and it couldn't change around?'" Check out the video below.

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