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Shop the Restoration Hardware Catalog in This Listed Home

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This $687K listing in Houston is so packed with Restoration Hardware's industrial-inspired furnishings and torture devices that one can practically shop its rooms. Turns out the four-bedroom, three-bathroom property was decorated by Houston-based organization "Resto Homes," which stuffs for-sale houses to the gills with pieces straight from retailers' warehouses (including CB2, Pottery Barn, and Z Gallerie), all of which are buyable through an ambiguous discounting scheme. In this case, the 4,300-square-foot home is overdone with Restoration Hardware—ahem, RH— hallmarks: distressed-wood case goods, dramatic overhead lighting, vintage-inspired wall art, and bits of metal everywhere. (Noticeably absent, curiously, are those knockoff Emeco Navy chairs that have been making news lately.) Have a look above, and do shop around; after all, it's probably easier than navigating the brand's 600-plus-page "Sourcebook."

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