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Designer Karim Rashid Lists Loft Full of His Own Designs

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Location: New York, N.Y.
Price: $2,795,000
The Skinny: Egyptian-born industrial designer Karim Rashid has turned out thousands of off-beat designs over his career, and seems to have included most of them in the design of his Chelsea loft. Purchased by the designer in 2008 for $2.475M and featured in a 2010 issue of Interior Design magazine, the austere space is currently set up as a one bedroom with office, and absolutely stuffed full of furniture conceived by Rashid. The furnishings aren't included in the $2.795M asking price, but the Rashid-designed "faucets, sinks, mirrors and tiles" are part of the sale. Living in the middle of a Karim Rashid retrospective might not be for everyone, but at least the famous designer isn't going for an outrageous flip, asking just $320K more than he paid for the unrenovated space. Head to Curbed NY for the floorplan.

· 251 West 19th Street [Blu Realty Group via Streeteasy]
· Designer Karim Rashid Seeks $2.795 Million for Chelsea Loft [Curbed NY]