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Could a Sparkling 'Earth City' Utopia Ever Become a Reality?

A slew of environmentally conscious homes and villages—like Peter Vetsch's Hobbit-style Earth Houses, for example—have been soaking up the limelight lately, but now architects at JM Schivo and Associati have upped the ante with their pie-in-the-sky plans to create an entire sprawl of metropolis that's as close to 100 percent sustainable as possible. The lawn-strewn and chrome-plated renderings of (the rather unimaginatively titled) Earth City reveal a sustainable urban space threaded with rivers, patched with grassy plots—with, of course, an abundance of the ever-popular garden-topped residences— and outfitted with solar and geothermal energy gizmos. It's more than likely a environmental pipe dream, but, honestly, when is it not fun to peek at the idealistic architecture of the future?

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