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Here Now, the Craziest Home Bowling Alley on the Planet

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Undoubtedly a hallmark of deep-pocketed living, the private bowling alley, even at its fanciest (or most famous), is rarely more than a long, narrow basement cavern with limited seating. Yet here in Dallas is a space so over-the-top that it would do well on an episode of HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms: a 5,000-square-foot "bowling center" with a four-lane alley, flat-screen TVs, neon signage, and a full-on 1950s-style diner with a Coca-Cola theme. The room is one of many in a 10,500-square-foot replica of Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia plantation home. Unlike other listings that proudly boast the name of the first American president, this 1930 estate doesn't need much to boost its selling power: there's a lakeside location, a two-story guest house, a 4,800-square-foot "air-conditioned car showroom that doubles as a ballroom" (is this actually becoming a thing now?), a lighted tennis court, a 10,000-square-foot wine cellar, and an impressive pedigree (oil tycoon H.L. Hunt lived here with his kids, including Super Bowl creator Lamar Hunt). According to the Wall Street Journal, the five-bedroom property has been looking for a buyer for a year now and is currently asking $24.9M.

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