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Prodigal 15-Year-Old Buys Her Second Foreclosed Home

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Willow Tufano earned national notoriety in March when she dropped $12K on a foreclosed home in Port Charlotte, Fla., stating at the time that "I just had, like this thing, I was like, what if I bought a house? That'd be crazy, and then I'd be able to make money every month—I'd get rent, I wouldn't have to worry [...] That'd be really cool." Huff Post Home has a before/after slideshow chronicling Tufano's recent updates to the property.

Meanwhile, NPR's Chana Joffe-Walt checks in on this "parable of American real estate," as she called it, and learns that Tufano has taken advantage of Florida's outrageous foreclosure rate and bought yet another bank-owned property, spending $17,500 on a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home nearby. Next up for the now 15-year-old? Not throwing a rager in her houses, as the simple equation of teenager-plus-foreclosure might suggest, but rather reality TV, of course: "We are in the process of pitching a sizzle reel," Tufano tells NPR. "Clips of me. Little highlights."

Photo by Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR

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