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Got a Rental Horror Story? Curbed Could Pay Your Rent!

Citizens of the Curbediverse, most of you have scary, disturbing, disgusting, or unforgettable stories about awful landlords, roommates, and rental apartments. If so, Curbed wants you.

Coming soon across the network: Renters Week, wherein the focus shifts from buying to renting and all it entails: Airbnb, Craigslist, over-the-top rentals, celebrity rentals, utterly bizarre rentals, leases, landlords, and so much more. Not to mention, of course, Curbed's second annual Rental Horror Stories poll: starting right this minute, please tear open the war wounds for the chance to win one glorious month of free month (up to $2,500) funded entirely by Curbed.

The rules are simple: Curbed National, as well as all the city sites, will collect Rental Horror Stories and put the best and brighest up to a vote in individual polls. The winners will then face off in a massive, countrywide poll hosted on Curbed National. The winner of the national poll will claim the prize and, of course, the glory.

Tipline's open, so go on, start talking. Then sit back and start dreaming of better days ahead.

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