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Buy President Grover Cleveland's Law School-Era Home

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The stately house where a young Grover Cleveland lived during his days studying law at the University of Buffalo—a move that would eventually catapult him into municipal politics, a mayorship, a governorship, and eventually the U.S. Presidency—is on the market for $289,900. Built in 1866 and expanded to include a colonnaded Greek Revival porch a decade later, the brick structure is currently divided into two 2,800-square-foot units, according to Buffalo Rising, each with two bedrooms and 1.5 baths; features include oak floors, a wood-burning fireplace, original plate rails, cherry cabinetry and woodwork, generous moldings, a wacky shower stall that was most definitely not in play when Cleveland lived here, and a cute-looking backyard garden with a fountain, patio, and firepit. Say what you will about the rather stuffy interiors, one thing's for sure: this place has far more potential than President Obama's college-era apartment in Manhattan.
· Significant 1865 home for sale in historic park [Buffalo Rising]