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'World's Tallest Tower' Will Take 210, Not 90, Days to Build

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The architecture firm behind China's Sky City Tower has announced that the building—surprise surprise—will not be completed anywhere near the 90 day-mark the firm boasted about in June. Now Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) says it will need seven months to complete the 2,749-foot tower, which stands to be the tallest on Earth. That's more than twice the original construction time, though if BSB meets its 210-day goal, the tower will be built nine times faster than Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the current structure to beat. If that's not impressive (or infeasible) enough, the roughly $628M budget for the Sky City tower in the Hunan Province is less than half the $1.5B used to erect Dubai's super skyscraper. Anyway, it's hardly the first time a design firm has blown a deadline—one such North Korean example is about 23 years behind schedule—but it's fairly odd that the project would blow off their talkiest selling point prior even to breaking ground.

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