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Architects Propose Crazy Apartments on Abandoned Bridge

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Another day, another random structure to convert into housing: an abandoned bridge in Calabria may soon get a second lease on life thanks to some forward-thinking architects who want to turn it into an apartment complex. The renderings just released collaboratively by three firms, including the Paris-based architect Samuel Nageotte, show a decommissioned viaduct forming the framework for the residences that unfold below. According to Architizer, the design includes private units and public spaces such as stores, decks, and cultural centers, "creating a fantastic floating town under a relic of Italian engineering, with stunning views at every turn." And, naturally, this bridge community is a green one: "Rain water would be collected by the decks and filtered down into barrels for consumption, cleaning, and cooking, while nearby volcanic Mt. Etna could geothermally warm the whole place." Another day, another vertical forest in Italy?

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