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Here Now, Staggering Cityscapes Made All From Cardboard

Jell-O, toothpicks, old computer parts, and paper are just some examples of the sort of offbeat media used by artists to render cities—buildings, streets, blocks, neighborhoods—in miniature. Toss cardboard into the mix, thanks to a London team that crafted the material into staggering life-like scenes. The work, standing four to five feet tall, is the brainchild of Brit photographer Andy Rudak, who collaborated with set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel on a series that captures the spirit of cities such as Mumbai, Paris, and NYC with tubular-cardboard roofs, crumpled cardboard clothes hanging out to dry on a dilapidated cardboard front porch, and cardboard cobblestones. The effect is surreal, made even more so by the fact that the palette of choice can be eroded by the elements. Have another look, below.

Head to My Modern Met for a closer look at Rudak's construction process.

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