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Calif. Manse Comes With Mini-Town, Diner, and Auto Shop

At first glance, this $20M estate in Fairfield, Calif., seems just like any other overdone suburban megamanse, faux frescos and cheesy-looking wine cellar included. And then BAM! there it is: the 1950s diner, the antique cars, the fake gas station, the miniature town that looks like it could have been plucked from Disney World. Somewhere on the property's nearly 80 acres (but beyond the scope of the 22,882-square-foot main home, presumably) is some sort of warehouse outfitted with enough grown-up Hot Wheels to make any 7-year-old apoplectic with envy. This isn't the only home in the nation with a full-on mini-town, however; Curbed commenters loved the similar-looking 1940s-themed mini-town in one Florida home, calling it "a blast" and "truly something to be proud of." Hm. Well, in this case, the real estate agent does not seem boastful about the tiny town. Not only are the photos of the carport pushed to the back of the slideshow, but the listing actually says there's only four parking spaces on the lot. Four? How can that be when there's 20-something hotrods hanging out in that warehouse?

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