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Buy an '80s Frank Gehry Creation For Under a Million Bucks

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This Frank Gehry-designed house in Calabasas, Calif., has hit the market for $895K. One of the architect's most modest projects—a steal considering the last Gehry-designed pad listed for $13M—Gehry created the 1,719-square-foot house with a $120,000 building budget, according to Architizer. It was all for late Loyola Law School professor Robert Benson, who took an immediate liking to Gehry's "down-to-earth manner" and "really radical, quirky creativity." The landmark two-bedroom, three-bath home, built in 1981 (pre-iconoclastic, swoopy structures that look like bashed-in sardine cans, perhaps?) is actually two parcels connected by a drawbridge-like outdoor hallway. Thus, the Bensons had to brave the (mild) SoCal elements to pass between the bedrooms and rest of the house: "I have made the trip in my pyjamas from bedroom to kitchen at midnight many times in the last 20 or so years," Benson once wrote on his personal blog about the property, "[A]nd I often look up at the stars and thank him." Have a look at the gallery above.

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