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Here Now, 37 Ultra-Design-y Boutiques Around the Globe

It makes sense that high-end fashion retailers would demand cutting-edge, eye-popping interior design to house their wares, what with the industry's obsession with aesthetics, visual impact, and the avant-garde. And while there have been some rather uncomfy-looking pieces of clothing made to look like high-design furniture—this bizarre tutu that's actually a dress, for one—in some cases the design of the stores themselves is just as interesting as the expensive garments and personal accessories lurking within. Take, for example, the Arnsdorf concept shop in Melbourne, Australia. The label's designer, Jade Sarita Arnott, enlisted the architects at Edwards Moore to devise a plan for a temporary store, so they cobbled together a dramatic display using 154 pairs of nylon tights. One can only assume it makes shoppers feel like they're inside a giant rubberband ball—obviously a good thing when you're shopping, right?

Anyway, flip through the above gallery for more noteworthy examples of high-design retail concepts, including polka dots at Louis Vuitton, 25,000 brown paper lunch bags in one NYC shop, and a pop-up that looks like it emerged straight out of the movie Tron.

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