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Decoded: Exploring the Nation's Many 'Blank Canvases'

Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where Curbed takes a word or phrase that shows up repeatedly in listings and deciphers its true meaning. Ideas? Hit up the tipline.

This "blank canvas" might not be at the paint stage. It might not even be at the canvas stage. This is more like a few pieces of wood that have been nailed into a shape that would allow a canvas to be stretched across it at some point in the future. But props to the sellers for keeping it really, really blank. "We weren't sure if you'd want walls, or ceilings. We really wanted to give you a chance to let your imagination run wild."

The only problem with this nearly blank canvas is that it's not really blank? What's it missing, furniture? It's fun when the brokers continue the canvas metaphor past its breaking point, though.

There is around a 15 percent chance that this yard can sustain any sort of plant life.

That's not how you spell "demolition."
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