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Uncommon Buyer Errors: 'I Accidentally Bought a Meth Lab'

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This just in from reps: nearly 200,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Freddie Mac stop selling houses that were formerly meth labs without disclosing said fact to potential buyers. If this sounds like a creepy tangent to Breaking Bad's most recent storyline—in which "Vamonos Past Control" used the homes of unsuspecting people to cook meth, leaving them filled with residue—it's not. (Nor is it another Airbnb PR catastrophe.) The campaign was started by Jonathan Hankins, an Oregon man who unwittingly bought a property that "was contaminated with methamphetamine" and "filled with traces of the toxic stew used to cook the drug."

It was only after Hankins and his family got sick that they figured out what was going on, and he began petitioning Freddie Mac to reimburse the decontamination and replacement-furniture expenses and implement programs to test the 2.5M American homes that may have once been meth labs. "It's shocking that Freddie Mac could get away with selling an environmental hazard to my family, or anyone's for that matter," Hankins said in a press release entitled "I Accidentally Bought a Meth Lab," adding, "I'm hoping for justice for my family, but I also want to help make sure this doesn't happen to others buying Freddie Mac homes."

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