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Here Now, Frank Gehry's Mindbending Plans for Toronto

Frank Gehry has just released some pretty overwhelming-looking plans for an enormous new entertainment district in Toronto, the architect's hometown. Planned are three 80 to 85-story residential towers—each with a "complementary but distinctive design," per the release—a new facility for the Ontario College of Art and Design, and a 60,000-square-foot gallery for abstract art. For what would be his largest urban undertaking to date, Gehry has teamed with David Mirvish, a theater producer and philanthropist who seems very invested in sweeping his name over the cultural corridor: there are six properties owned by the Mirvishes already in the area, and that giant art gallery is intended to display his own collection. While Toronto has yet to approve this cosmopolitan megaplex, Gehry and Mirvish hope to build it in three stages over a decade, according to Architizer. And if these renderings look more like the usual "iconoclastic, swoopy structures that look like bashed-in sardine cans" than anything that belongs in, say, Toronto, don't worry: "With this project, I wanted to create buildings that were good neighbours to the surrounding buildings and that respected the rich and diverse history of the area," said Gehry in a statement.

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