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A New Crop of Stylish Listings from Stockholm, Sweden

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Sweden is a consistent source of dazzling design—like the modern villa that stole the show in David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—so we thought we'd return to the Scandinavian country's capital to see what the fall sales season has brought to market. Leading the way is a recently renovated penthouse in Stockholm that combines historic bones and a blue chip location with modern conveniences and the height of contemporary design. Located in the Östermalm district, not far from the Humlegården, the terraced duplex sits atop a 1925 building that was just redone from top to bottom. Listed for $4.48M, the 2,800-square-foot apartment has four bedrooms and a towering great room with a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass.

? This magnificent turreted brick building also housed one of our city favorites on another visit to Stockholm. Now, it returns with another knockout apartment, a six-room corner unit listed for $2.89M. The corner means this flat has a cool circular room, currently used for dining, plus three bedrooms, a library, and a balcony. The building, which occupies an entire city block, sits directly on the Stockholm waterfront and a narrow park that runs along the Strandvagen.

? History buff buyers unimpressed by 20th century architecture would do well to pick up this townhouse in the heart of Old Town for $2.17M. The 1,980-square-foot stone structure was built in the 1600s and underwent a restoration in 1986, after it was acquired by the current owners. In a sea of white-on-white interiors, this quirky house features intricate, multi-hued wall paintings, shabby-chic furnishings, and refinished original flooring. Of course, buying into such a historic home means dealing with some unpleasantness as well, like the exceedingly steep and twisting staircase.

? A proper Scandinavian interior wouldn't be complete without a traditional tiled wood stove, formerly used as a heat source, and now usually just a nostalgic holdover. This $1.8M penthouse has several of the historic heaters, including one impressive number that looks more like a fireplace. The five-room flat is spread over 1,700 square feet, with two bedrooms, a dining room, and a sun-flooded corner living room.

? Facing a leafy churchyard, this second-floor duplex is a loft carved out of a historic building with especially high ceilings. The tall original windows provide plenty of light, even when boxed in glass on the second floor, and while the loft portion seems to be of the run-of-the-mill, 1980s-era variety, the place is pristine and well-photographed enough to justify the $1.2M price tag.

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