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Great 'Bones' Hide Somewhere Beneath This 'Unique Decor'

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Thanks to a tip from Leslie Van B over at the real estate blog I Could Be Happy Here, here's a look inside a (festive?) abode in Monterey, Calif., on the market for $649K. It's always a good sign when the brokerbabble encourages homebuyers to see past the "unique decor" and "use your imagination to see the 'bones' of this home," and this eye-popping house does not disappoint. In the case of this two-bedroom, two-bathroom place, the homeowners are a little enthusiastic about the Asian influences in their design choices: silk in cloyingly saturated hues adorn the walls (and beds and tables and ceilings and cushions), purple—not violet or lavender or raisin, but rather honest-to-God purple purple—velvet sofas stuff the living room, and, if the listing photos are a true indication of what awaits across the (hippie-beaded?) threshold, not one of the home's 1,867 square feet is left uncovered by an Oriental rug. Also crammed in? A ginormous fan, more than a dozen paper lanterns, a stuffed white tiger, and, dear lord, so much more. Check out the gallery above.

· 182 Herrmann Drive [David Lyng Real Estate via I Could Be Happy Here]