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'Real Housewife' Maloof Sells Hideous Chateau for $20M

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It was less than a month ago that Curbed commenters were giving Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof's $26M Beverly Hills listing a real drubbing over its uninspired faux chateau design, but the hideous look doesn't seem to have impeded a sale. Not one bit. The 20,000-square-foot magamansion sold last week for "nearly $20M," to a nameless "L.A. businessman" who had been "looking in the neighborhood for a long time" and, get this, actually liked the style of the place. Of course, Maloof had to compromise on the price, but when you're the progeny of a billionaire, $6M tends to look like pocket change. Let's just hope the new buyer pours some of his savings into revamping the interiors, about which one commenter had this to say: "If only Saddam Hussein had not been executed! He would have loved the decor."
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