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Dull Canadian House Stocked With Ice Rink and Zamboni

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Slipped oh-so-casually into the brokerbabble of this four-bedroom bungalow, on the market for $2.715M in Ontario, Canada, is a rather exorbitant, outlandish amenity: an indoor ice rink and Zamboni machine. It's a luxurious addition to an otherwise ho-hum abode—it's certainly not as packed with crazy amenities as some other properties with hockey rinks, and the Zaboni itself isn't as cool as it could be—though the listing also boasts geothermal heating, fresh paint, and "professional" landscaping. Still not enough pizazz for a single-family home in rural Ontario to seek nearly $3M? Well the plot thickens: the listing includes an ambiguous reference to a "cash crop that covers your tax bill." Ah, now interest is really piqued.

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