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Here Now, a Dozen Amazing and Marvelous Vintage Ikea Ads

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Dredged up from the annals of history by Flavorwire are these glamorous, punchy Ikea ads from the 1970s. Long before the Swedish furnishings giant made news by Photoshopping women out of these pages, the catalogs—now the third-most printed publication in the world, behind the Bible and Harry Potter—embraced the bold hues, omnipresent denim, and eye-popping florals of the era. Tour the time capsule above—notice any similarities to Ikea's new high-design throwback collection?—and if that doesn't quench the thirst for unbelievable retro decor, gawk at a no-holds-barred Bloomingdale's design tome that published in 1973 or hilariously awkward photos of '70s European interiors.

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